Re: pathology of film

From: Nicholas Hamlyn (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2006 - 01:46:33 PDT

Giovanni Martedi obviously likes drills. He did a performance at the
London Film Co-op sometime in the early 1980s (?) which involved a
vari-speed drill with a mirror attached to the sanding disc pad. He
used it to reflect the image onto the walls etc,

Nicky Hamlyn.

On 12 Jun 2006, at 22:29, Pip Chodorov wrote:

> Ahmet Kut did a performance in Paris a year and a half ago, at the
> Collectif Jeune Cinema, using four projectors arranged in a square and
> facing a dancer on a table wearing nothing but mirrors. The images
> bounced on walls, ceiling and viewers. This followed performaces by
> Giovanni Martedi of projecting through sieves and drilling film as it
> was projected, etc.
> Similar work continues. Just last Saturday, Coloribus did a
> performance with four loop projectors including a modified super-speed
> steenbeck head projector, and bowls of acid on overhead projectors and
> speakers vibrating the liquid and creating colorful reactions, etc...
> -Pip Chodorov
>> At the Festival of Expanded Cinema, held at the ICA, London, in
>> January 1976, a couple of blokes from Paris, Pierre Rovere and Ahmet
>> Kut, showed some extraordinary work along these lines. One of the
>> pieces involved the presentation, on the floor, of small pieces of
>> 16mm, joined together at right angles. The idea was to make
>> unprojectable sculptural films! I've no idea what became of these
>> two,
>> Nicky Hamlyn.
>> On 11 Jun 2006, at 19:20, Jonathan Walley wrote:
>>> Works produced within the Coop during that period got even more
>>> ephemeral - some involved no projector, no screen, and/or no film!
>>> Along those lines, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone on the
>>> list who makes this type of work - films without film (or involving
>>> some substantial reconfiguration of film as we know it). Do you
>>> think of it as film or something else? This is an area of interest
>>> for me, and I think it's gotten even more interesting in the wake of
>>> the (supposedly, and long-delayed) obsolescence of the film medium.
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