Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Never Stop

From: Mark Webber (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2006 - 02:06:59 PDT

good to see some new discussion of british filmmakers here on frameworks
again. it gives me an opportunity to let you all know that the "shoot shoot
shoot" project will be making a slight return soon, in time to celebrate the
40th anniversary of the london film-makers' co-operative. (which was founded
on 13 october 1966.)

in october, lux and re:voir will release a dvd of films from the "shoot
shoot shoot" package, which toured internationally a few years ago. it
features 13 films made at the co-op in the 60s & 70s.

there will be a series of events (including expanded cinema performances) in
london at this time, and a new, condensed touring programme will be made
available for international bookings. any programmers who might be
interested to screen this package are encouraged to contact me directly.

more information on the dvd and related events soon.

mark webber

> The recently published book "X-Screen" has some good information on this
> period of the Coop, including stills of Reel Time being performed.
> 02-9375314-9929610?s=books&v=glance&n=283155
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> Andy Ditzler

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