Re: pathology of film

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 14:29:09 PDT

Ahmet Kut did a performance in Paris a year and a half ago, at the
Collectif Jeune Cinema, using four projectors arranged in a square
and facing a dancer on a table wearing nothing but mirrors. The
images bounced on walls, ceiling and viewers. This followed
performaces by Giovanni Martedi of projecting through sieves and
drilling film as it was projected, etc.
Similar work continues. Just last Saturday, Coloribus did a
performance with four loop projectors including a modified
super-speed steenbeck head projector, and bowls of acid on overhead
projectors and speakers vibrating the liquid and creating colorful
reactions, etc...
-Pip Chodorov

>At the Festival of Expanded Cinema, held at the ICA, London, in
>January 1976, a couple of blokes from Paris, Pierre Rovere and Ahmet
>Kut, showed some extraordinary work along these lines. One of the
>pieces involved the presentation, on the floor, of small pieces of
>16mm, joined together at right angles. The idea was to make
>unprojectable sculptural films! I've no idea what became of these
>Nicky Hamlyn.
>On 11 Jun 2006, at 19:20, Jonathan Walley wrote:
>>Works produced within the Coop during that period got even more
>>ephemeral - some involved no projector, no screen, and/or no film!
>>Along those lines, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone on the
>>list who makes this type of work - films without film (or involving
>>some substantial reconfiguration of film as we know it). Do you
>>think of it as film or something else? This is an area of interest
>>for me, and I think it's gotten even more interesting in the wake
>>of the (supposedly, and long-delayed) obsolescence of the film

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