Re: Auder, Oursler, Van Sant & more photos & negatives on ebay

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 02:53:47 PDT

I'm sorry I've not been able to reply to this posting
for ages, but I've been very poorly and unable even to
write e-mails. I watched some Jean-Luc Goddard films,
and it felt like I was working really hard just to do
that! (and no it wasn't entirely just the films, tho 1
or two of them definitely didn't help).

> Sorry that some object to this project, or the use
> of the word celebrities.

Well I actually really liked the project as I said in
my earlier posting. It seems like a great new way to
use the disposable cameras or even photography
generally. I guess I like the way it is a secret
magical box that could contain anything and that you
have to put it through the magical process to reveal
what's hidden inside a bit like those magic paint
books or something. A secret message left for you.

> Freya's remark that some of these people are artists
> is of course
> correct, and the right one to use when discussing
> the individuals
> highlighted in my post to Frameworks.

Yes but it reffered to them as celebraties in the
auction listings even for the artists. :( It made me
shiver! I think even the word celebrity is a horrible
word, it makes me think of jelly, all wobbly, some
kind of awful decomposing soft cheese and a really
harsh sharp rusted metal (the kind you might get
scratched by accidently) all rolled into one. That's
what the word feels like and what it means is in
society is probably much worse. :(

> I've been a tireless supporter of experimental film
> by makers famous
> and not so.
> I'm not a big fan of celebrity culture and, I hate
> star fuckers, but

I don't know what star f****** are???

> it's true that this
> fundraising idea that I and MIX participated in did
> trade on
> celebrity mystique.

You might as well milk it, theres a lot of people out
there who seem to love that stuff more than anything.

> I guess we thought it was still an interesting idea.

The idea with the cameras or the idea of celebrity?
I liked the camera idea! :)

(What is celebrity mystique? Surely the whole idea of
celebrity is the opposite of mystique??)

> I certainly didn't want to call everyone 'artists'
> since many
> participants aren't artists in the
> sense that this forum would use that word.

Well you don't have to call everyone an artist tho I
do believe that everyone could be an artist if they
wanted to, or could even be bothered.

> For the record, Owen, I've attended some of your
> screenings, and have
> enjoyed them, and
> talking with you very much. I don't mean to have
> sullied Frameworks
> with too much
> glibness and frivolity, but I did want to call
> attention to some of
> the relevant makers
> who were participating in this.

Well I was glad that you posted about the project
because I liked the idea.
> I agree that the Border Film Project is great.

I liked it too!

> I''m also proud that the money raised will allow MIX
> to put on its
> annual festival of
> experimental film and video, hold free community
> screenings with
> community-based
> organizations in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem, and
> launch our new
> summer media
> training program for disadvantaged queer youth.

It's good that the money will be used to try and do
positive things. :)
> So there are certainly criticisms to be made.
> That's for sure. I

Theres always criticisms to be made! ;)

> never want to lose sight of
> the larger goal of exhibiting, promoting and
> preserving experimental film.

Yes but then it's good to keep an eye on what you are
doing to get there too. :) Then you have to weigh it
all up and see how you feel and if it's okay.



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