Re: Auder, Oursler, Van Sant & more photos & negatives on ebay

From: Stephen Kent Jusick (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2006 - 01:34:58 PDT

Sorry that some object to this project, or the use of the word celebrities.
Freya's remark that some of these people are artists is of course
correct, and the right one to use when discussing the individuals
highlighted in my post to Frameworks.

I've been a tireless supporter of experimental film by makers famous
and not so.
I'm not a big fan of celebrity culture and, I hate star fuckers, but
it's true that this
fundraising idea that I and MIX participated in did trade on
celebrity mystique.
I guess we thought it was still an interesting idea.

I certainly didn't want to call everyone 'artists' since many
participants aren't artists in the
sense that this forum would use that word.

For the record, Owen, I've attended some of your screenings, and have
enjoyed them, and
talking with you very much. I don't mean to have sullied Frameworks
with too much
glibness and frivolity, but I did want to call attention to some of
the relevant makers
who were participating in this.

I agree that the Border Film Project is great. Completely different
aim than MIX's
fundraiser (which in general tend to be crass, whether in the form of
telethons, or
high-priced dinners, etc.).

I''m also proud that the money raised will allow MIX to put on its
annual festival of
experimental film and video, hold free community screenings with
organizations in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem, and launch our new
summer media
training program for disadvantaged queer youth.

So there are certainly criticisms to be made. That's for sure. I
never want to lose sight of
the larger goal of exhibiting, promoting and preserving experimental film.

To that end, our call for work in now available on our website
and if any Frameworkers want to submit, I'll waive the submission
fees (another evil that
still contributes to the bottom line, and annually debated on this
list...). If you finish your work
on film (R8, S8, 16mm and 35mm) then I'd like to especially invite
you to submit, as we want to keep showing celluloid as much as
possible! Just contact me off-list (skj at mixnyc dot org).

I've loved this list since I first subscribed in the mid 1990s. It's
a treasure and I thank
Pip and all the contributors for their passion!


Stephen Kent Jusick
Executive Director

>--- owen <email suppressed> wrote:
>> sarcasm:
>> Oh boy ! Celebrities !
>I was a little scared by the fact that everybody
>seemed to be refered to as a celebrity in the
>auctions! Even Jem Cohen! Surely some of these people
>are artists and not celebrities.
>I have to say that I'm kind of scared by the celebrity
>thing generally tho.
>> see the better exploitive idea :
>> owen
>I did love both these ideas for using these cameras.
>Nice pictures in the border film project too! :)

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