SLOW SPACE premiere

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 01:35:36 PDT

Klaus W. Eisenlohr
<>richfilm productions

7 June 2006 | 21:00 h
Premiere at Kino Arsenal/ Friends of German Kinemathek

Arsenal Kino
Potsdamer Straße 2
10785 Berlin - Germany

U / S Potsdamer Platz

SPACE takes the viewer on an unusual visual trip
through the city of Chicago. The journey goes
through places roofed and lit by glass
architecture. Scenes set in open urban space and
interviews filmed in private homes complement
this passage through public and private places.
SLOW SPACE is a film and art project by Klaus W.
Eisenlohr. With his project, the artist has
investigated the relationship between the body
and the urban architectural environment over the
time period of three years. The filmmaker traces
a 'Desire for Modernity' in the city's
architecture being shaped by pre- and post-modern

In addition, the film discusses the topic of
public space in American cities through
interviews with the Chicago artists and
filmmakers Deborah Stratman, Chris Harris,
Gretchen Till, Ken Fandell, Thomas Comerford and
Eduardo Pradilla.

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