"The Mormon Church Explains It All to You" in NYC

From: Pioneer Theater (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 18:42:37 PDT

"The Mormon Church Explains It All to You"
a seriously odd program of classic educational shorts made by the Church of Latter-Day Saints
Finally screening at the Pioneer Theater in NYC's East Village, after being cancelled due to last year's transit strike! Presented by fabled film collector Dennis Nyback
This Sunday, June 11, 7pm
Man's Search for Happiness 1964
"Made for the NY World's Fair. Directed by Wetzel O Whitaker. Just about everything you need to know about Mormonism."
Cipher in the Snow 1973
"Directed by Keith J. Atkinson, protege of Wetzel O Whitaker. A very bleak film about a school kid who drops dead and it is found that no one at school had ever noticed him when he was alive."
The Mailbox 1977
"This film was mentioned to me by several people as the most memorable film they were ever shown in school. Directed by David Jacobs who started in Mormon films in 1962. It is a story of a old woman who is neglected by her kids."
How Do I Love Thee 1965
"Directed by Wetzel O Whitaker. I always include this in my program Dennis Nyback's Favorite Films. The story of college room mates Jan and Penny. Penny puts out for her boyfriend. Jan is saving herself for marriage."
Buy tickets in advance:
Screening atthe Pioneer Theater
East 3rd Street between Avenues A and B (closer to A)
New York, New York
(unless God strikes this program down again)

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