Re: "Warhol Dummies"

From: James Tully Studio (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 23:13:46 PDT

Man... how do you assume I don't know who Taylor is?
I have met him at least two dozen times, and added photos of him to the
Warhol documentary piece I directed for the 1997-98 Whitney show
(produced with funding from Bloomberg LP). As much as I admire and
relate to Warhol, I undertook this project only at the behest of the
museum. I'd much rather be directing my own projects.
He's a good man. I simply believe that the 'Cult of Warhol' is fodder
for too many people being dredged up from the Factory for the sake of
nostalgia, money, fame, publicity. This was very obvious when I worked
on my project.
My critique stands: artists should forge their own way without drafting
off dead famous artists. Sure, I made a film on Warhol... but I only
want to be known for my own work. It is a central question, and not one
that I am exempt from.
~ James (Pablo amazes me always) Tully
*FYI: Anyone close to that circle has seen Taylor's last name spelled in
two variations for many years, including on a recent birthday invitation
for the Bowery Poetry Club.
On Apr 11, 2006, Pablo Marin wrote:

I donīt know, this sounds all too ridiculous to me.

people arguing about Jack Smith and not knowing Taylor

Mead, I mean. talking about homework.

looks like someone need something more than a "Warhol

for Dummies".


pablo "frameworks still amazes me sometimes" marin.

buenos aires.

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