Two Visiting Artist Positions in the Film and Electronic Arts Program at Bard College, Annandale, NY

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Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 05:57:45 PDT

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>Subject: position announcement-Final Draft
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 18:03:36 -0400
>Two Visiting Artist Positions in the Film and
>Electronic Arts Program at Bard College,
>Annandale, NY
>The Film and Electronic Arts Program at Bard
>College is seeking to fill the following two
>*A one semester, full-time visiting professor to
>teach film/media production courses in the fall
>of 2006
>*A one or two-year, full-time visiting professor
>to teach media production courses beginning in
>the fall of 2006.
>Specific course offerings will be tailored to
>the areas of special interest of the successful
>The Film and Electronic Arts Program at Bard
>College is committed to experimental motion
>picture production in all of its current
>manifestations. Critical thinking and creative
>work go hand in hand in the program, which
>integrates various creative practices with the
>study of theory and criticism. The program
>encourages interest in a wide range of
>expressive modes in film and electronic media
>including animation, installation, interactive
>media, narrative and nonnarrative film and video
>and screenwriting, The program's emphasis leans
>toward neither fixed professional formulas nor
>mere technical expertise, but toward imaginative
>engagement and the cultivation of an individual
>artistic voice that has command over the entire
>creative process.
>Applicants should be active in the field and
>possess a strong exhibition and teaching record.
>Applicants should be comfortable teaching both
>introductory and advanced-level courses,
>directing individual student projects and would
>be expected to take an active role in the life
>of the program.
> >Please email a brief letter of introduction
>that describes your creative work and areas of
>specialty or special interest in the field.
>Include a curriculum vitae, a web address and
>the names and complete contact information of
>three professional references. In addition, we
>are asking at this time for support materials
>and work samples (DVDs, tapes, press).
>Applications will be reviewed beginning May 1, 2006.
>Email to: <mailto:email suppressed
>Support materials can be sent to:
> Ivan Ross
> Film and Electronic Arts Program
> Bard College
> 30 Campus Road
> Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

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