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From: Ana Kronschnabl (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2006 - 05:21:00 PDT

it is always problematic when we try to classifying anything - in that we
classify so that we can discuss difference, but this often leads to polarisation...
when i first studied film i was taught various different terms narrative v
non-narrative/ art film v mainstream/ hollywood mosfilms v
experimental...classification is just a way of us getting a handle on intentions
and audience i think - it is useful sometimes but also, as michael says, it is
often short-hand for saying commercial v non-commercial.


Michael Betancourt wrote:
> Hi Freya,
> Both "Brakhages' Theorem" that all film is narrative, and Frampton's
> essay "A Pentagram for Conjuring the Narrative" spring to mind from your
> comments. It's not that experimental films aren't narrative, but that
> all commercially produced Hollywood-studio-type productions inevitably
> are narrative, so much of the time "narrative vs. experimental" is just
> a short hand for saying the difference between the commercial cinema,
> it's language, forms, ideologies, etc. as opposed to the independent,
> artisanal, personal/individual, etc. "experimental" film. [We could make
> the same objections about the "experimental" label too.]
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