Re: experimental film vs narrative film

From: Chuck Kleinhans (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2006 - 05:11:42 PDT

Confusion of terms. Depends on what you mean by "experimental" and by
"narrative." Some people probably mean "dramatic fiction NARRATIVE
(feature length) film" when they say "narrative."

Because there sure is a narrative (a story, even if told in a
confusing way) in Chien Andalou, Water Window Baby Moving, Nostalgia,
and Wavelength.

Some of the first Film Culture awards celebrating the New American
Cinema went to Shadows, Pull My Daisy, and Chelsea Girls...all
narratives. Many folks would assume that while based on (avant
garde) theatre pieces, The Connection and The Brig are experimental.

George and Mike Kuchar have made a lot of works which are narrative
and experimental. And Abigail Child's films, by and large, play
heavily with narrative but are certainly experimental.

On Apr 7, 2006, at 4:47 AM, Freya wrote:

> I've noticed a few places lately people making a
> distinction between experimental film and narrative
> film.
> However surely many experimental films are quite
> narrative too. Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger spring to
> mind. Possibly even Stan Brakhage!
> Strangely this very subject came up at the Rose Lowder
> screening yesterday too which I was glad to see. "So
> it isn't just me who is finding this odd!" I thought.
> I've noticed it happening more and more tho.
> Rose even went as far as to suggest it would be
> possible to have experimental fiction films. I hadn't
> thought of it in quite that way before, just that some
> films were very narrative.
> But do any of you really think there is a clear
> seperation between the two or is it just something
> people say.
> love
> Freya
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