Hand Processing - Clearing Bath/Hardening

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2006 - 15:22:31 PST

Thanks for the great hp info Steve.

But I'm curious as to why the first section listed the Fix stage as
'optional'. To my knowledge, one must always fix in order to remove any
unexposed silver from the very first step of development. Otherwise, the
resulting image is far too dense.

Regarding the 'CB-1 CLEARING BATH' in section 1, your recipe calls for 90
grams of Sodium Sulfite per liter, whereas mine calls for 210 grams per
liter of Sodium Sulfite per liter. Mine is for dichromate bleach and I'm
guessing yours is as well, since you distinguished using permanganate bleach
in the other sections. So...

...which Clearing Bath recipe is the correct one? Anyone out there know for
certain? Mine has appeared to work, the sole anomaly being that each
successive batch lost just a touch of contrast (dammit) and I've never been
able to figure out why.

And in section 2, you suggest a 'hardening fixer' if one wishes in order to
harden the emulsion. Again, just to be clear, my understanding is that one
always fixes, and the choice to use a fixer with or without hardener is
contingent on whether or not one wishes to tone. Toners work far more
expediently with unhardened fixer.


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