Alpha Cine

From: Keith Sanborn (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2006 - 15:34:08 PST

I have no desire to enter into a long controversy about this, but I feel
given that Alpha Cine is being discussed that I should offer the following
small note on Alpha CIne:

Alpha Cine orignally processed The Deadman and made the first Answer
print. Thereafter they refused to print it because of its sexual content.
While, I thought the quality of the work high and the prices reasonable,
there was a certain hypocrisy involved in this censorship as people I know
who used to live nearby knew that they actually processed and printed a
lot of hardcore porno, in which category The Deadman belongs.

The good news is that this lead me to discover Lablink in New York which
does some of the highest quality black and white work I know of and whose
timers (especially Pete) are second to none. I have not used Lablink
lately, however, and I know some people have had lesser results than what
I have consistently received there.

Keith Sanborn

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