Re: Hand Processing - Clearing Bath/Hardening

From: Ed Inman (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2006 - 20:48:20 PST

Fixer is designed to remove the unexposed silver after a negative is developed.

In reversal processing, you are doing just the opposite, i.e. removing the developed negative with bleach and leaving the unexposed silver to be processed as the opposite of the negative which, of course, is the positive.

After the negative image has been removed and the remaining silver has been processed as a direct positive there is nothing left to "fix."


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>From: Ken Paul Rosenthal <email suppressed>
>I'm curious as to why the first section listed the Fix stage as
>'optional'. To my knowledge, one must always fix in order to remove any
>unexposed silver from the very first step of development. Otherwise, the
>resulting image is far too dense.

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