B+W reversal bleach

From: Linds (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 08:48:05 PST

Hi Frameworks

I need some bleach information. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to mix
the old Kodak reversal bleach (what chemicals to buy and in what quantity).
I recently used a (new?) bleach, mixed by LIFT - its purple and apparently
more environmentally friendly, but it only lasted 400ft or a couple of
hours. I'm hoping to have a more long lasting, hardy bleach. The new Kodak
B+W Reversal Bleach will take too long to get to me (Montreal) and is a
minimum of 40 gallons. And is there some trick to making it a working
solution? Is R9 the stuff to have? What's the difference? Has anyone got
homemade recipes that are reasonably reliable? I've got a chemical supplier
but I don't want to kill myself. Please help.

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