Re: 16mm rs 232 or machine controlled camera, fast film ...

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 08:07:17 PST

> also, what do you think would
> be the fastest but best film I
> could use for this project, of
> filming against lcd screen.
> how long do you think I should
> expose for ? what lenses might
> you use, how far away, etc ?

I'm the wrong person to answer, haven't done this but.....

Out of curiosity I spot metered my 23" Apple LCD display. Thinking 7201
neg (sharpest, finest grain, daylight stock should work well with a D65
iow ~ 6500 degrees CT white balance)

With the "solid dark grey" desktop and the brightness cranked up I get
f 1.4 (24 fps/ standard 172/180 degree shutter) - that's the monitor
set for the 2.2 gamma I use -- with the Mac native gamma of 1.8 I get
1/2 stop more....

(I "should" have a real 18% grey reference somewhere but I don't... )
..I looked at some quicktimes of my work, of course anything dark is
going to fall of _real_ fast...

You could swap the 7201/50D for 7205/250D for more speed, similar
contrast.... but single frame and a longer exposure I'd be inclined to
use the slower finer grained stock.

You've *got* to test first.

PS I would err on the side of overexposure for sure -- Vision 2 can
take it....

Good luck - could look cool, weird, I don't know...

FWIW Harris Savides shot a test with Gus Van Z - for "Last Days" using
DV & then filmed the results of an Apple Cinema Display in 35mm.... he
said it looked "great" but had "too many layers of information"


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