Re: B+W reversal bleach

From: jennifer fieber (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 11:48:34 PST

From the Photographic Lab Handbook:

R-9 Bleach (the good old orange stuff)

Water - 32 oz. or 1 liter
Potassium Dichromate - 140 grains or 9.5 grams
*Sulfuric Acid - 3 drams or 12 cc

*Just be careful to add the acid slowly, stirring constantly to the water

You can find potassium dichromate at good photo stores. Sulfuric acid will
have to be obtained through other means.

Oh yeah, and you want to make sure you rinse thoroughly with water between
the 1st developer and bleach stage as toxic fumes can be created when the 2
are mixed.

I've made this bleach and it works great. Haven't tried the purples stuff
yet...doesn't sound promising.


On 3/24/06 11:48 AM, "Linds" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Hi Frameworks
> I need some bleach information. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to mix
> the old Kodak reversal bleach (what chemicals to buy and in what quantity).
> I recently used a (new?) bleach, mixed by LIFT - its purple and apparently
> more environmentally friendly, but it only lasted 400ft or a couple of
> hours. I'm hoping to have a more long lasting, hardy bleach. The new Kodak
> B+W Reversal Bleach will take too long to get to me (Montreal) and is a
> minimum of 40 gallons. And is there some trick to making it a working
> solution? Is R9 the stuff to have? What's the difference? Has anyone got
> homemade recipes that are reasonably reliable? I've got a chemical supplier
> but I don't want to kill myself. Please help.
> --
> Lindsay
> Montreal
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