Eastern Europe film stock (was: why we shoot film (was: the word is out))

From: Mitsos Triantopoulos (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 14:34:15 PST

Speaking of eastern Europe,
I recently visited Prague, and the Foma brand still makes Double Super-8
(DS8) b&w film stock! Just like regular-8 (they also make regular-8) you
shoot one side, then flip it over and shoot the other...
I picked up a couple of rolls, and as I didn't have a DS8 camera I also
found a used one for less than $10.

I am waiting for some bright spring days to go out and shoot it :)


On 3/5/06, Pip Chodorov <email suppressed> wrote:
> of the artist-run film labs and smaller manufacturers of film stock
> in eastern Europe and the proliferation of projectors in the
> unlikeliest places.

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