Re: (film is dead) - Nah.

From: nicole koschmann (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 14:17:03 PST

There is definitely a renewed interest in 16mm and Super 8 among young
people. This year I have students signing up for independent studies with me
to make a film the "traditional way" meaning shooting film, editing on
flatbed, negative cutting and printing with optical track. We as a
department haven't taught filmmaking that way in years. I have students
requesting we buy an oxberry animation stand so they can do traditional
animation, a student wandered into my office looking for a gang synchronizer
the other day and so and so on. I recently spoke with a teacher friend of
mine teaching film in New York and he said the same thing was happening
there. I'm not that worried about the death of film, actually. These
students of mine have grown up with digital video. There is nothing
interesting or exotic about it for them. Its like growing up coloring with
crayons and then going to art school and learning how to color with crayons
all over again. I'm not saying they don't have a lot to learn about shooting
video, constructing interesting projects, etc. but they don't fall in love
with the medium the way they do the first time they shoot film.


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>< Kodak sells MORE 16mm now than at any time in it's history whether the
>punters or John Q. Public know it or not. Arguably John Q. and Joanne
>R. Public are investing a nice chunk of their entertainment dollar on
>film. I mean certainly they saw March Of The Penguins (Super 16;
>Digital blowup to 35.....) > And, for that matter, The Devil's Rejects. If
>only a lot more movies at the multiplexes moved like that, grain and all.
>Although not that many of them (John Qs & Joanne Rs) saw it. Penquins vs.
>Rejects - there's really no contest there. Even more so now that the birds
>have grabbed an Oscar.
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