Re: Why film is cool

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 14:36:03 PST

>OK I'll buy you ONE !
>I'm very interested in ideas for
>installation/exhibition that are not tied to the
>(movie) theater BUT not this kind of casual walk
>and talk space either.

I guess you will not even join me in a toast if I
tell you that this was exactly what we did with
Directors Lounge in Berlin. Still I feel, we were
very successful with our Lounge. You know, you
have to reinvent yourself, or your art (or media)
from time to time. With this different event (to
the Berlinale screenings), we reached a large
number of people and I feel we also were giving
respect to the work and the artists who were
(Still it is important to me that the lounging
Lounge is not the only way, we will present
movies in future)
I think it is also important to think of what can
be new in the media you are working in - I am
working in. And I feel it is very interesting
that there seems to be quite a number of people
who have grown up with video or even digital
media who have a new interest in film (as film).
More so, I feel a growing acceptance from hard
core video people that Super-8 or 16mm could be
at least interesting and worth (the pain) showing.
I hope we will have the opportunity to drink a
glass of good old Merlot in future, then ;-)!
(Maybe after watching your work?)

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