Re: Kodachrome dies quietly in its sleep

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 22:41:11 PST

> Well these are the ironies of technology I suppose - the technology
> that can preserve it is responsible for it's demise...
> Now then, I've been bummed out by Kodak dropping 7245 --- but I am
> starting to think maybe - maybe --- it *is* time to say that was then,
> this is now & give 7201 a fair shot at least (after all if digital
> finish of film origination *is* going to be my working practice in the
> near future, it might not be the worst idea to shoot 7201 as primary
> stock.... and take it to the next level in telecine, etc...
> -Sam

On the flip side...just to instill a bit optimism in this discussion (and
not of the digital future is alright variety)...though the stock options
have been reduced (pun intended) the equipment options have increased.
Buying a camera or projector or editing gear is not the difficult and
costly endeavor it used to be.

Digital audio has brought down the cost of field and post recording. And
there's a few good craft labs still in business (Forde, Metropolis,
ColorLab, Summit). James Bond is installing 1950s-style Eastman 25s across
the country (in a limited sense) and the Japanese still sell BSK lamps for
the Pageant. KMR has parts of Eikis, and Portland (local plug) has more
film enthusiasts now than it has in probably 15 years.

So....while a few of my perferred stocks remain (7231, 7302) I'll continue
shooting and finishing on film. (I have said to myself many times "if only
ORWO was easier to get in the States", but at present Kodak stocks remain
less expensive and render an image I am happy with.)

It seems to have balanced out...some costs go up and others down. Just
have to keep shooting film I suppose.


P.S. to Sam - I kinda like the flat, low-con look of 7205.

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