Re: the word is out: experimental film is available for use on dvd by educators

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 02 2006 - 10:28:45 PST

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Cari Machet wrote:

> let me be more specific
> i was referencing picture quality ...
> i remember and was referencing in my mind
> when hd first came out
> and the little (panasonic) display they had at NAB
> the screens footage was compared to film -

         hi cari,

         to me - and I have spent a little time thinking
         about this, but I claim nothing other than
         being able to kinda feel my way blindly
         though it and somewhat be able to express
         what I feel, an analog medium is never
         quite going to ever be the same as a digital
         thing. however, at some point, our senses
         become dulled out, and then we don't know
         the difference anymore, but thats not to mean
         that they don't don't exist.

         at the same time, its important to remember
         that the emulsion in film merely contains
         very small silver halides, which are atomic
         in nature, and its possible to get a
         pretty good electronic representation of
         what you're seeing on say a 35mm film frame.

         most discussions I've seen of, say, film
         recording, suggest that a 8k scan, which
         equates to about 8192 x 5461 pixels, is
         pretty much past the point where people can
         distinguish whether or not the image is
         at all pixelated, at about the rate of
         size of projection of "conventially" taken
         images on celluloid.

         now, when you compare the resolution size of
         8192 x 5461 pixels,
         with say, DVD, which is merely:
         720 x 480, or even the maxium of HD, which is
         1920 x 1080, you see that that falls pretty
         short of 8192 x 5461, about 4 & 1/4 along the
         horizontal axis ...

         but, if this is "all" we are talking about,
         image quality, between video and film, then
         I really feel that we're talking about something
         that is not going to last too long. I think
         humans will figure out how to digitally
         create images of the same or a surpassing
         "quality" as celluloid filming can ...

         ... but the process will _always_ be different.
         Its just a different way of doing things.
         I mean, sure, I can go shopping, for a bar
         of bread, a stick of butter, and a bottle of
         milk, but the _way_ this happens, I think
         is very different ... and I think, for
         film, its all in the process. Theres something
         about a beautifully hand crocheted scarf
         that I can make my girlfriend that no machine
         will ever be able to recreate - even if
         it "looks" exactly the same, theres always
         going to be something different ...

         ... and are we really
         talking about the "cheapening"
         of film ... ... I feel that this is primarily
         whats behind so many of these discussion,
         which doesn't quite amount to too much
         of substance, to me.


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