Silvi Simon at The Film Gallery (Paris)

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 22 2006 - 16:52:16 PST

Silvi Simon
                                    Filmatruc (Filmthingy)

The Film Gallery presents Silvi Simon's first exhibition in Paris.
Filmatruc is a project to create various objects
linking light, shadows and movement. This
project, which will continue to evolve throughout
the year 2006, will be supported through public
offerings of subscriptions.

Silvi Simon has made animated films, performances
and installations. She films and develops her
images in black and white using different
traditional and experimental techniques (shooting
frame by frame, hand-coloring, light play,
solarization, reticulation, cameraless
filmmaking, chimigrams).

For the first objects shown here, optical
machines in constant transformation, movement and
screen size become virtual and real: optical
illusion, persistence of vision, motors and
projection; tiny projections for mobile screens
on which the image hangs only by a thread, to be
touched with the hands or the eyes...

Here the work is to be handled, metamorphosized,
activated: it is fugitive and sensitive.
We experience the present moment, awaking our curiosity.

There is constant research into the projected
image in artist-based and artisan film production.

Silvi Simon was born in 1970 in Livry-Gargain.
She lives and works in Strasbourg.
She studied plastic and audiovisual arts (DUCAV)
at the Université des Sciences Humaines in
Strasbourg. There she made her first Super 8
films. In 1995, she moved to Brussels to study
film animation at ENSAV, La Cambre. There she
made her first installations with different
organizations including the Nova cinema. She is
an active member of the Burstscratch group
(production and programming of Super 8 and 16mm
films). In 1999, she organized a mobile film lab,
the CamionCinéLab (TruckFilmLab).
Since 1995, her work has been shown in many festivals and art centers:
Lab Meetings (Brussels), Chalon dans la Rue, Les
Abattoirs (Chalon sur Saône), La Machinerie
(Strasbourg), Festival National du Film
d'Animation (Auch), Festival des Cinémas
Différents (Paris), Festival off de la photo
(Arles), Festival Paris Cinéma, l'AFCA, Traverses
Vidéo (Toulouse), Festival Images Imaginées
(Orléans), pour l'exposition XXL, Lieu Unique
(Nantes), Bandits Mages (Bourges), Soirée des
Vidéophages (Toulouse), Pellicula et Basta
(Grenoble), Rencontre des Labos Indépendants

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