Re: Silvi Simon at The Film Gallery (Paris)

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 17:19:02 PST

The website is under construction but Silvi's page should be up soon.
The projection formats are super-8 and 16mm only.
She has deposited 25 DVDs with us however, to be
given away to anybody supporting her work through
pledging a subscription (minimum 20 euros).
There is some information on Filmatruc on the
web, such as
and I can also send a pdf file if you are
Thanks for your interest,

>Thanks Pip,
>I wish I could see this exhibit.
>I couldn't find it on the website. Is it already
>Is she using different film formats, or one in
>particular? Any video?
>--- Pip Chodorov <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Silvi Simon
>> Filmatruc
>> (Filmthingy)
>> The Film Gallery presents Silvi Simon's first
>> exhibition in Paris.
>> Filmatruc is a project to create various objects
>> linking light, shadows and movement. This
>> project, which will continue to evolve throughout
>> the year 2006, will be supported through public
>> offerings of subscriptions.
>> Silvi Simon has made animated films, performances
>> and installations. She films and develops her
>> images in black and white using different
>> traditional and experimental techniques (shooting
>> frame by frame, hand-coloring, light play,
>> solarization, reticulation, cameraless
>> filmmaking, chimigrams).
>> For the first objects shown here, optical
>> machines in constant transformation, movement and
>> screen size become virtual and real: optical
>> illusion, persistence of vision, motors and
>> projection; tiny projections for mobile screens
>> on which the image hangs only by a thread, to be
>> touched with the hands or the eyes...
>> Here the work is to be handled, metamorphosized,
>> activated: it is fugitive and sensitive.
>> We experience the present moment, awaking our
>> curiosity.
>> There is constant research into the projected
>> image in artist-based and artisan film production.
>> Silvi Simon was born in 1970 in Livry-Gargain.
>> She lives and works in Strasbourg.
>> She studied plastic and audiovisual arts (DUCAV)
>> at the Université des Sciences Humaines in
>> Strasbourg. There she made her first Super 8
>> films. In 1995, she moved to Brussels to study
>> film animation at ENSAV, La Cambre. There she
>> made her first installations with different
>> organizations including the Nova cinema. She is
>> an active member of the Burstscratch group
>> (production and programming of Super 8 and 16mm
>> films). In 1999, she organized a mobile film lab,
>> the CamionCinéLab (TruckFilmLab).
>> Since 1995, her work has been shown in many
>> festivals and art centers:
>> Lab Meetings (Brussels), Chalon dans la Rue, Les
>> Abattoirs (Chalon sur Saône), La Machinerie
>> (Strasbourg), Festival National du Film
>> d'Animation (Auch), Festival des Cinémas
>> Différents (Paris), Festival off de la photo
>> (Arles), Festival Paris Cinéma, l'AFCA, Traverses
>> Vidéo (Toulouse), Festival Images Imaginées
>> (Orléans), pour l'exposition XXL, Lieu Unique
>> (Nantes), Bandits Mages (Bourges), Soirée des
>> Vidéophages (Toulouse), Pellicula et Basta
>> (Grenoble), Rencontre des Labos Indépendants
>> (Genève).
>> Re:Voir / The Film Gallery
>> The first gallery devoted to film as an art form.
>> 18 rue de Saintonge - 75003 Paris - France
>> tel : 08 73 86 47 00 - fax : 01 42 77 93 15
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