Re: Maier Hancock Hot Splicer

From: 40 Frames Directory (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 16 2006 - 10:00:20 PST

> if editing an original on 16 with a hot splicer, don't forget that the
> splices will show up in the frames, because you make your cut in the
> middle of the frame not at the edge.
> whenever i have to edit an original in 16 without an a/b roll, i opt for
> tape splices because if you're careful and smooth enough, the tape lines
> line up with the frame lines and you don't see it. then i just warn the
> lab that i've tape spliced my neg.
> good luck,
> amanda christie
> vancouver, bc, canada

You can also cut black leader in between shots and simply A roll you picture.

At this point however I don't know were one is going to print 7361 as its
all gone. Mind as well start getting use to shooting negative unless one
is xfers in video.


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