Re: optical printer repair technicians???? oxberry not jk.

From: 40 Frames Directory (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 16 2006 - 10:02:40 PST

> Greetings fellow frameworkers.
> I've been working ith an Oxberry 16/35 optical printer at the Cineworks
> Independent Filmmakers Society in Vancouver for the past year. But it has
> some 'issues' and problems.... I would also say that it needs a good tune
> up and some good ol' TLC.
> Can anyone recommend a technician in the Vancouver, British Columbia area,
> or somewhere on the West Coast, who might be familiar with Oxberry
> Optical Printers, or at least Oxberry Cameras, who might be able to take a
> look at this darling machine?
> Thanks,
> Amanda Dawn Christie
> Vancouver, BC, Canada

No guarantees, but Stan Fritsch might be able to help. He services post
film equipment, but he's
knowledgable enough that he may be able to help you with your Oxtberry.

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