Re: student looking for first super 8 camera

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 09:58:43 PST

> Question: what filter did s-8 kodachrome require if not 85b? Doesn't
> 16 kodachrome use 85b (hope so... it's what i've been using)?

Strictly speaking Kodachrome - , straight 85.

A 3200K tungsten stock like E64T wd be 85B

But that to be literal assumes only the "photographic daylight" of 5600K

Wheres in the real world of photographic conditions...

85B slightly warmer, but it's like a printer point worth of difference.

IOW yes 3200K is noticeably warmer than 3400K (Kodachrome 40) BUT you
have to regard the source, "200K worth of daylight" - with CT ranging
from under 3000 to over 10,000 in deep shadow - is not too significant.

(anticipating all the arguments in advance)


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