Re: student looking for first super 8 camera

From: Madison Brookshire (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 09:13:14 PST

Bauer S-8 cameras often come with all the bells and whistles you're looking
for (single frame, macro, intervalometer, manual exposure) and cost less
than Nizos. The Bauer Royal also has a cool/idiosyncratic feature whereby
the camera uses a sensor to automatically detect how long exposure time
should be... allowing you to get 'correct' exposure in the middle of the
night (with a VERY slow shutter of course). As for the more complicated
questions about notching.... I have no clue.

On another note, the new ektachrome, while kodachrome it ain't, is beautiful
and can be processed at home as e-6 with less discoloration than the older

Question: what filter did s-8 kodachrome require if not 85b? Doesn't 16
kodachrome use 85b (hope so... it's what i've been using)?

2 cents,

On 2/15/06, Sam Wells <email suppressed> wrote:
> > One thing I don't know:
> > The old cameras were made for a two stock world; Kodachrome and
> > Ektachrome
> > and had limited mechanisms to read the ASA from the film cartridges
> > (and
> > there's no manual setting on these things other than going to manual
> > exposure and pushing or pulling your exposure enough to match the
> > actual
> > ASA to what the camera thinks it is
> I'd state this as "modifying" the exposure reading (assuming you're
> using the in camera meter) rather than 'pushing' or 'pulling' insofar
> as those terms are usually used to describe changing the *processing*
> IOW push or pull process.
> The new Ektachrome reversal for Super8 is 64T i.e. exposure index of 64
> Tungsten (40 daylight with the filter).
> I don't know anything about the cartridge notches, never used that.
> (Why not buy a separate light meter ?)
> I had a Nizo long ago which had plenty of control over manual exposure,
> did single frame etc. It was a "Nizo Special" but essentially an S56.
> -Sam
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