french student looking for sound operator help for a short film shooting in NYC

From: François Breux (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 10:27:57 PST

A friend of mine is in search for a sound operator (and advices about VHF
mic frequency ranges in NYC for the rent of material) for a short film
shooting in Manhattan from the 26th untill the 31st of march. This is non
More details about her project :

"The project is a sort of "performance-movie" in the city of New York.
Specifically "Walking, Obstinately" is a musical, vocal and visual creation
about urban walking, wandering and drift in New York; a liberal adaptation
of a french writer's text (Claude Ollier). The point of this project is to
experiment the friction between body/words/image. What happens when all
those elements work together until being one, or until their disintegration
? Concretly, I am going to film a performer walking the streets of New York,
reciting the Ollier’s text as she walks. (...)At the end, more than a simple
projection of the performance, the installation will have the ambition to
immerge the spectator in the performer’s walk, and in the city. The
spatialization of the sound, its circulation, will create a canon, and at
last an opera."

If some of you can help her, it would be really great.
Please contact me off list and I will forward to her.

François Breux

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