Re: student looking for first super 8 camera

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 06:56:17 PST

> One thing I don't know:
> The old cameras were made for a two stock world; Kodachrome and
> Ektachrome
> and had limited mechanisms to read the ASA from the film cartridges
> (and
> there's no manual setting on these things other than going to manual
> exposure and pushing or pulling your exposure enough to match the
> actual
> ASA to what the camera thinks it is

I'd state this as "modifying" the exposure reading (assuming you're
using the in camera meter) rather than 'pushing' or 'pulling' insofar
as those terms are usually used to describe changing the *processing*
IOW push or pull process.

The new Ektachrome reversal for Super8 is 64T i.e. exposure index of 64
Tungsten (40 daylight with the filter).

I don't know anything about the cartridge notches, never used that.

(Why not buy a separate light meter ?)

I had a Nizo long ago which had plenty of control over manual exposure,
did single frame etc. It was a "Nizo Special" but essentially an S56.


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