From: Adrian Tagmenveca (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 14:55:05 PST

  I read something about this film in the first issue of Millennium Film Journal, mentioned in the Ken Jacobs interview (I read this interview recently Ė thatís why itís on my mind), and I just have some basic questions about it Ė I figured someone might know something about it since itís getting shown at the Anthology at the end of February:
  Whatís the name of the Jonas Mekas film in it (Jacobs describes it as a close up scanning of the preamble to the Constitution)?
  What Brakhage film is part of it?
  In the interview, Jacobs had a pretty disparaging view of most of these films Ė saying something like most were made by ad-men that were making weekend films to atone for their weekday sins. Are all the original films included from the program? And does anyone have a differing opinion of those films Jacobs is talking about (I assume he didnít mean to include the ones by Hillary Harris, Breer, Snow, ect)?

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