From: Bill Brand (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 28 2006 - 08:34:32 PST

In 1984, exactly 22 years ago tomorrow, I helped
organize at the Collective for Living Cinema - as
part of ARTISTS CALL Against U.S. Intervention in
Central America - another call for films inspired
by the 1967 For Life Against Death events. The
date of January 29th was choosen by
poet/filmmaker/activist Daniel Flores y Ascencio
to commemorate la Matanza , the 1932 Salvadoran
massacre where 25,000 to 40,000 Indian people
were killed by the National Guard in just a few
months. The 1984 film event had - similar to what
Chuck describes - an array of political flavors
and approaches to protest. Most of the films
were transferred to video by Brodsky and Treadway
and distributed in NYC by New Video, an
independent home video company. I still have the
master 3/4 in. tapes and a few of the VHS
distribution ones.

The blurb on the back reads:

Super-8 Films Against U.S. Intervention in Central America

A project of ARTISTS CALL Against U.S.
Intervention in Central America in cooperation
with the Collective for Living Cinema organized
by Bill Brand, Simon Field, and Phil Weisman.
ARTISTS CALL is an ongoing series of national and
international events in protest against U.S.
intervention in Central America. Already over
1500 artists and more than 30 New York galleries
and museums have participated. Independent and
commercial film showcases have scheduled special
programs. Exhibitions and events have taken
place in over 28 cities including New York,
Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago,
Atlanta, Minneapolis, Houston, Los Angeles, and
San Francisco.

This program was first shown at the Collective
for Living Cinema in New York City on January 29,
1984 as part of ARTISTS CALL . All the films
were made especially for this event after an open
call for participation in November 1983. Forty
films were shown in the original program, the
majority of which are included in this program.
Some films are not included because of technical
or practical limitations. This urgent call is
the first such action by filmmakers since the
1967 For Life Against Death.

My personal records indicate that the following
filmmakers participated. It isn't 40, so maybe
its the list of those on the tape.

M. Schaaal
L. Mentel
Lorna Lentini
Lewis Klahr
Robert Huot
Ellen Gaine
Marjorie Keller & Sidney Peterson
Doug Eisenstark
Katy Martin
Cliffor Fournier
Howard A. Rodman
Andrew Guthrie
Darrell Wilson
Julio Benítez, Doug Hertz, Rob Schweber, Nancy Sullivan
Sylvianna Goldsmith
Dan Walworth, Norman Cowie & Yanni Damianos
Hilory Kliros
Andrew Chambers
Bette Gordon & Karyn Kay
Scott B (written by Eric Bogosian - featuring Eric Bogosian & Bill Rice)

I just thought I'd add this to the discussion for the record.

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