Re: 16mm mag Stripe

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 10:41:28 PST

Alain, I have a (now non-functioning) Kodascope and the image blows a
prosaic Pageant out of the water. (Or would if it still worked)

OK, it weighs enough to be a boat anchor...

You may be partially right about the lenses; I admit that an Eiki also
using a mini reflector lamp produces very nice contrast.

But I don't know, maybe it's the lamps position --

Try it, look at a Print with a (non-condenser) Pageant, compare with
another projector and tell me if you don't see: less contrast,
desaturated color, less apparent sharpness, and the optical effect of
base uneveness and base abrasions projected.

> If Kodak would have made the lens barrel a 42.5 one could mount an ISCO
> Kiptaron and get a damn good picture.

Well in partial defense of Kodak or something, James Bond's Eastman 25
with whatever ISCO glass he's got on it projects the sharpest 16mm
image I've ever seen. Makes what you shot with an old Angeniuex zoom
look like you did it with a Zeiss MarkII Disatagon ;-)


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