Re: 16mm mag Stripe

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Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 09:54:08 PST

>> Kodak Pageant 12M6 plays magnetic striped film, and runs at 18 and 24.
>> The
>> only drawback to the Pageant is the lens which is not so hot.
> Projection on Pageants with the condenser optics look good, the others
> look like shit - flat, weak contrast & colors, and the base mush
> projects.
> -Sam

I've always attributed the poor image quality to the poor (lens) optics of
the Pageant (Kodak and Buhl lenses alike), rather than the lamp (or its
reflector/optics). I've projected with the older Kodascope, 126, 250E,
250S, and the arc model 250A. They all pretty much look the same to my
eyes, except the Marc 300 is obviously a little brighter. Your opinion is
certainly valid Sam, I just have a different experience is all.

If Kodak would have made the lens barrel a 42.5 one could mount an ISCO
Kiptaron and get a damn good picture. Even and Eiki or Kowa would have
been a better option. Proprietary technology has its limitations. Fumeo,
Philips/Norelco, and Eiki all used a 42.5, so what the hell was wrong with
Kodak? I mean, FP-16s were first kicking around in the late-1960s, and the
late-model Pageants (250 series) didn't come out until 1977.


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