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Around 2002 I completed a film called "Summer Light" which was begun by shooting on 16mm film about 10 years earlier.  I had hoped to complete it by optical printing but Kodak stopped making the 16mm optical printing stocks and I also didn't have access to an optical printer.

At first digital compositing was very expensive, but nevertheless I took lessons on the HAL and Paintbox programs in New York just to keep up with what was happening. Rental of this system was at least $200 per hour and was out of reach.

AND THEN (Hooray!!!) PC computers became powerful and I could complete the film at home for almost no money.  This was important since I was taking care of my kid as a single mom, and also taking care of my elderly parents, and also working full time.

I had Fotokem in Burbank transfer all of my 16mm film and 35mm roto mattes to miniDV and brought it all into my DVGear computer. There were some pulldown problems because digital frame rates are different from digital film rates, but I managed to unsnarl this problem, with a few glitches.

My website, ( has info about my films, both the earlier 16mm films, The Divine Miracle and Babobilicons (now enlarged, enhanced and preserved to 35mm by the Academy), Summer Light (which is a 16mm/digital hybrid) and my latest feature-length experimental thriller, Glass, which was shot on miniDV and completed on my PC (with lots of hard drives).

The website has a direct e-mail link if you would like more information.

Daina Krumins

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Hi Frameworkers,

As part of my research, I've been compiling a group of contemporary filmmakers who have employed hand-processing of film and digital visual effects in hybrid ways.
The filmmakers I've caught up with thus far include Johanna Vaude, Stephanie Maxwell, Jurgen Reble (for Materia Obscura), Kerry Laitra. I'd like any of you to raise

Thank you in advance,
Ji-hoon Kim
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