Re: [Frameworks] Lawrence Brose court case

From: David Tetzlaff <>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 18:30:26 -0500

What is it with Buffalo? Does the lake effect snow drive people mad?

I'm surprised Brose's site does not mention the case of Buffalo artists Steve Kurtz, of the Critical Art Ensemble who was charged with terrorism under the Patriot Act for possessing some harmless microbes he used in his bio-art. I think that was also a Homeland Security thing, and the U.S. Attorney there continued to pursue Kurtz for years until a judge finally dismissed all the charges. (

Apparently it's the same U.S. attorney now going after Brose.

If t0ny c0nrad is still on the list, he must know all these people. Why is Buffalo the leading edge of using the expanded powers of the stste to repress avant garde art? Why isn't Brose shouting "Hey, these are the same douchebags who trumped up the ridiculous case against Steve Kurtz!!"

just curious...
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