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From: Damon <>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 17:11:55 -0500

I'm in agreement, yikes!

Assuming there was reason for concern with Brose's work, why would it
be a Homeland Security issue rather than a more pedestrian FBI
issue. I fear the reason is that Homeland Security has summary
powers of detention and total control of evidence, while being
detained by the FBI entitles one to due process in the legal system.
Being charged by Homeland Security can operate at the level of
unsubstantiated assertion when they refuse to produce the evidence by
claiming it to be "sensitive" or a "concern for national security."
Whereas the FBI has a much more difficult time bypassing the
evidentiary proof of their charges. Being charged by the FBI allows
us presumed innocence, while Homeland Security seems to require we
prove our innocence.

Increasingly, it seems that the Bush Administration created our
"Secret Police", and the Obama Administration did not do its duty by
dismantling it, and rather they have come to find it a convenient tool.


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> Yikes!! Those creeps!! Poor Lawrence.
> This is the new way of putting people away...
> And it works, too, these kind of spurious sexual allegations.
> People go nuts in response. Look at what happened to Wikileaks.
> We'll be seeing a lot more of this tactic in the future, too
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