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I've ignored almost every post under this subject heading.  But . . a little about this corner of the world. In Oklahoma we are building a media program for artists that includes artists' approaches to traditional and digital photography, digital video, 16 mm and Super 8 film, and new media technologies (what is sometimes called robotics).  No medium is enough for the artistic investigations of someone who is thinking with the changes we undergo. As I see it, the first criterion for constructive discussion is a decent education in the history of media art, beginning with the circumstances under which seminal work in film, video, and performance took place, the nature of social changes experienced since then, the impact of the humanities on the arts (growth of film studies within academia, for example), and the importance of older media technologies (books and writing, for example, works in earlier formats, the continuing meanings of older technologies, etc.) for the creation and dissemination of important ideas and work today.  The next criterion for such a discussion would extend this context to include more popular media, such as the kind of filmmaking that most film theorists write about (budgeted, scripted, acted, what I see people like Shaviro addressing), the changing (and remaining) economics impacting what gets made, what can be said, who can say it, how long it resonates.  Individual
 creativity being a very high priority, a further criterion for constructive discussion would be a grasp of the dynamics of competition (the search for individual exposure under new media conditions, strategies for success as an independent artist, and such like). There is no way to sustain such a constructive discussion without an educational context and orientation "on the ground" that Frameworks presupposes, a context that will always risk becoming homogeneous in the absence of new blood, a context that provokes will always require renewal and transformative disruption over passification and mere reproduction. Bernie School of Art and Art History University of Oklahoma ________________________________ From: Francisco Torres <> To: Experimental Film Discussion List <> Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 12:50 PM Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Forbes editorial about Kodak Aaron talks about "Constructive criticism" This is not Mrs. Hendersonn 6th grade home room, paly. Do not come in here with a knife clenched in your teeth and expect to be treated with silk gloves. _______________________________________________ FrameWorks mailing list

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