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Kodak death humor: Gizmodo put the situation thusly.

> Have you taken a look at Kodak's stock today? Get a good look while you
can, because it's shitting the bed worse than a disemboweled E. coli
patient - already down 60%, to less than a dollar. This is how it ends.
> We've known the company's in dire financial shape, but this looks like
the beginning of the crew abandoning ship. You can't even order off the
Dollar Menu with a share of Eastman Kodak.

Vile scribblings like these is the reason why this country has gotten so
When sleazy outfits like 'Tumblr" -- which has no assets and no production
capacity and does absolutely nothing in the world-- is treated like a
Prince on Wall Street, but a grand old company like Kodak is treated like a
dick, then you know things have gotten really insane.
Stock up, boys.

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