[Frameworks] Free 6-plate Steenbeck in NYC

From: Zach Poff <z_at_zachpoff.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 09:53:34 -0500


Hi folks. At Cooper Union we are looking for a good home for a
Steenbeck flatbed. It's a 6-plate (ST-900W) and we're hoping somebody
will adopt it this summer.

Unfortunately, the prism is partially seized
(maybe just dried out lubricant?) so the belt skips as it tries to
rotate the prism. This is a new problem. It has been well-maintained,
with occasional check-ups and repairs since 1980 when we got it. I'm
sure Paul Tomasko can bring it back to working order, but we have 2 of
them and we need room for other things.

It needs to be disassembled (I
don't know how) before it will fit out the door. We are located in NYC
in a building with a freight elevator, so bring some friends and a truck
and it's yours! (Or hire Paul Tomasko to take it apart, fix it, and put
it back together at your place.)

If nobody responds in the next week
then we will strip it for parts and scrap the chassis. I really don't
want to do that, but I've been trying to give it away locally and found
no takers!


Zach Poff
Cooper Union Art School - Film/Video Area


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