Re: [Frameworks] Beaulieu 4008 zm4

From: Fred Camper <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 12:27:19 -0500

It's a great camera, and different from most others. Nothing can beat
its single lens reflex viewing for some uses. It has great speed
controls (2 fps to 80 fps; I've used all of them), handles really well
(though a bit unbalanced due to the zoom). The zoom it comes with is
very good, but can vignette corners at some f stops and focal lengths.
It has a C mount, which means you can use many other lenses, something
most super-8s don't offer. I've used lenses made for 16mm, such as the
12-120 Angenieux zoom, for example. I think there was a fisheye made
just for super-8, but I've never seen it. One small downside is that
the shutter angle is narrow, a lot less than 180 degrees, so it's not
great in low light; a cheaper XL camera is a good supplement. The main
downside today might be getting and keeping a working battery; see a
recent FrameWorks thread about that. Also, I don't know about getting
the camera itself repaired today. Make sure it's in good working order

Fred Camper

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