Re: [Frameworks] Hand Processing B&W Lab Stocks

From: David Kidman <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 09:05:32 +0200

Hi John,
We have used D-76 with 7302 (and 7222), we found that using it at standard mix at 20° for all the baths, including an initial passage in a wetting agent, we needed 7'30"". We also tried D-76 diluted at 1+1 (with the same amount of water again) and got a better grey scale result at 11 minutes, once again at 20°. Obviously, for higher temperatures, the times come down. We haven't used any of the exact stocks that you have, but maybe this is of some help.
Le 11 août 2011 à 03:08, John Woods a écrit :

> Any sites with information on hand processing lab stocks with common developers like D-76 or D-19? Seems to be precious little information on lab stocks processing on the net, though I did find one recommendation for 7363 for 5 minutes in D19.
> I've got some 7363, 7366, 3302 and 7234 that I would like to do optical printer tests on. I'd be thankful for some guide times for my test strips or whether I should try a different developer like Dektol, etc.
> John
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