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The new summer 2011 issue of JUMP CUT: a review of contemporary media is out:


with these articles on experimental work:

Re-conceiving Misconception: birth as a site of filmic experimentation
by Roxanne Samer.

        This cultural history of Marjorie Keller's birth film Misconception (1977) seeks to release the film from past dichotomizing interpretative binds with the hope of opening it up to further future interpretations, re-looking and better appreciation.
Loin du Vietnam (1967), Joris Ivens and Left Bank documentary 
by Thomas Waugh. 

        Far from Vietnam, the collective French film of 1967, produced in solidarity with the Vietnamese people under U.S. attack, is explored in relation to its historical context on three continents, to its coalitional politics and the solidarity genre in general, and to the forum it provided to one contributor, veteran communist filmmaker Joris Ivens.
Digital distribution, participatory culture, and the transmedia documentary
by Chuck Tryon.
Explores the role of digital media reshaping the distribution, exhibition, and reception of documentary films.
Serbian cutting: assemblage and the archival impulse 
in the films of Dušan Makavejev
by Greg DeCuir, Jr.
"If Serbs are fond of slaughtering people, there must be a method of film cutting that corresponds."

Plus, a cornucopia of provocative essays on a wide range of films:


Avatar and disability
The Social Network and success
Luhrmann’s Australia: parody, excess, and myth
Brokeback Mountain and disciplining desire
Blogging about Sucker Punch

International cinema and globalization

Sembene’s Mooladé
Jia Zhangke, Still Life
Indonesian road movie
Makavejev’s editing strategies
The Nakba and Palestinian film
Laurent Cantet’s critique of neoliberalism

Horror, three key studies: Taxidermia, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning, the child collective horror film

Critiques of the “Creative Economy” and “Creative Industries” models for media analysis

Women in production classrooms
Studies of film sound
Porn in a new media environment
Sexual innocence in film
Star Trek: gender and sexuality
Babysitters take charge

Reconsiderations of classics: Bette Davis, Muslim captivity narratives, The Harder They Come, oil drilling films in the wake of the BP disaster, modern art in mainstream films

Documentary studies: news from the front line
review by Russell Campbell
        Sociopolitical documentary comes under intensive scrutiny in a cluster of new books.
• Documentary: Witness and Self-Revelation by John Ellis
• Recording Reality, Desiring the Real by Elizabeth Cowie
• The Documentary: Politics, Emotion, Culture by Belinda Smaill
• Intelligence Work: The Politics of American Documentary by Jonathan Kahana
• The Right to Play Oneself: Looking Back on Documentary Film by Thomas Waugh

Documentary: intelligence and/or emotion?
review by Chuck Kleinhans
• The Documentary: Politics, Emotion, Culture by Belinda Smaill
• Intelligence Work: The Politics of American Documentary by Jonathan Kahana

Oil drilling and the search for the “golden shrimp”:
the myth of interdependence in oil drilling films
by Robin Murray and Joe Heuman
        Louisiana Story (1948), Thunder Bay (1953), Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster (1992), Black Wave: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez (2009), and Crude (2009) draw on a mythology that suggests the oil and fishing industries can work interdependently once appropriate safety precautions are in place.

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