Re: [Frameworks] combining SD and HD

From: Aaron F. Ross <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2011 11:53:50 -0700

Sadly, on this list there seems to be a lack of technical
understanding of basic principles of digital art. "Up-res'ing" or
resampling resolutions is a really bad idea. You'll get fuzzy, crappy
video. Don't do it.

As Freya said, you can store different resolutions of video on the
same Blu-Ray disc. The only requirement is that each be a separate
file. If they are all different titles, than this is a non-issue. You
can see this in action on many commercial Blu-Ray discs. The special
features, such as interviews, are often in Standard Definition. This
is not at all a problem to author. Just be sure that your files are
each encoded correctly to the proper specs. Otherwise your authoring
program may re-encode them, to your dismay.

Regarding Blu-Ray authoring, please forgive my apostasy, but Apple's
tools are clearly behind the curve. I use Sony DVD Architect, and it
is relatively bulletproof. If you're stuck on the Mac platform, you
might take a look at Adobe's offerings.


Aaron F. Ross
Digital Arts Guild

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