Re: [Frameworks] Quo Vadis Celluloid?

From: Fred Camper <>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 18:18:41 -0500

Quoting Pip Chodorov <>:

> The question has nothing to do with whether film and video LOOK different.
> The fact is that they ARE different. That's it.
> If a great cook needs goat's milk for a specific recipe and can only
> get buttermilk, the result will not be the same.

Yes, but how different will it taste? My guess is that sometimes it
will taste different enough to matter, but that with some recipes and
some cooks, no one will be able to tell the difference.

There have been tests that have shown that wine "connoissuers" are
often fooled by the label, preferring a cheap wine to an expensive one
when the labels are switched.

I don't think using film or video or digital are moral issues. What
matters is results. For a few filmmakers, there will be things that
only film can do, but I suspect that this is not true of for most. You
can even get filmic "flicker" with DLP, right? I don't think we should
have mystical, or fetishistic, attachments to any particular media,
but rather, explore the possibilities of whatever media we are able to

The US government actually made a profit on the bank bailout. They
will arguably make a profit on the auto bailout if the costs of having
let GM and Chrysler shut down are factored in. I do think someone
should keep print stock available, but let's be clear on the facts.

Fred Camper

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