Re: [Frameworks] Experimental Editing - writings and films

From: Yoel Meranda <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 11:47:53 +0300

Hey Patrick,

Breer's REcreation (as an example of how some people think that the
unit of cinema is frames, not shots, seems to me to be an obvious
example). You could use Breer's own writing (or Kubelka's) as reading

Also, I find the editing in Straub-Huillet very unique,  I think they
stand somewhere outside the ''Eisenstein, Vertov, Brakhage, Sonbert,
Conner, Luther Price'' list and should be mentioned. Tag Gallagher is
much better than I can ever be in trying to explain their style. Pedro
Costa has a documentary titled 'Où gît votre sourire enfoui?' that
observes them editing, you might find a scene or two from there you
might wanna show. In one scene, the two have a huge fight over one or
two frames, and the philosophical & aesthetic implications of
including or excluding those frames. It ends with Jean-Marie leaving
the room angry, if I'm not making it up.

And of course, simply because it's not your list, Griffith!!! In a
similar introductory lecture, I screened the marriage proposal scene
that ends with a kiss from 'Intolerance'. I think it's a very good
place to introduce editing. From Eisenstein, I had screened the bridge
screen from 'October'...

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