[Frameworks] Experimental Editing - writings and films

From: Patrick Friel <patrick.friel_at_att.net>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 14:49:01 -0500

Hi All,

Iım looking for suggestions of writings on ³experimental editing² (essays,
articles, chapters in books, and ­ most especially ­ interviews with
filmmakers and/or their own writing on the subject of editing) and also for
suggestions of key films that are exemplary of some ³experimental² editing
style or handle their editing in remarkable ways.

Iım obviously doing my own research, but wanted to reach out to the vast
collective wisdom of yıall as well.

Suggestions of both can range from Eisenstein to the present and can include
actual experimental work or more narrative/documentary work (even
commercial) that utilizes experimental tactics in their editing.

This is for undergraduates (production majors of various kinds) in a non-art
school film/video program, so nothing too esoteric.

Filmmakers in mind already include the obvious one such as Eisenstein,
Vertov, Brakhage, Sonbert, Conner, Luther Price.

Any and all suggestions welcome!


Patrick Friel

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