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From: Fred Camper <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 16:03:39 -0500

Quoting Cari Machet <>:

> he is at yale from what i could understand


You need to QUIT making ad hominem comments and assumptions about
individual posters. As Ron Gregg, who is also "at Yale," pointed out,
being "at Yale" doesn't tell anyone anything about his financial

> i don't like imposing attitudes

As was yours

> i was being sardonic
> i don't particularly enjoy telling others what they should be doing

And do you think the poster, and most of the rest of us, "got it" that
you weren't actually "imposing" on him the idea that he should buy a
new computer?

> nor do i enjoy dictatorships

You apparently don't know what a dictatorship is if you think it
amounts to a few expressions of opinion on FrameWorks.

> that was my point
> it is perfectly understandable that you two didn't get it
> i am not surprised

An ad hominem attack. You have posted similar attacks more than once
before. It is not a "dictatorship" to tell people to argue positions
on an email list dedicated to discussing avant-garde film, rather than
posting personal attacks. I don't see that the statement of
Frameworks' purpose includes personal attacks.

Fred Camper

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