Re: [Frameworks] Owen Land (aka George Landow) (1944-2011)

From: Fred Camper <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 01:26:38 -0500

Quoting Mark Toscano <>:

> And i should say that, although Mark Webber did an amazing job
> unearthing, working with, writing on, and curating Owen's work, the
> preservation of the films was done separately by the Austrian
> Filmmuseum, Anthology Film Archives, and Pacific Film Archive.

Did those archives initiate the preservation work? Did they pay for it?

> By the way, Sandy Maliga posted a notice over a week ago about
> Owen's passing, and it got no response. Just curious if others on
> the list received that or somehow not...?

I saw it, but was waiting for more detail; the gallery announcement
gave me something to respond to.

Yet another typo in my post: I meant "original palindromes." Maybe I
should post a corrected version...

Fred Camper

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