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From: Scott R <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 09:31:00 -0400

Hey Letitia,

I asked this same question a while ago on Frameworks and edwin m had the
following advice on metering for a computer flatscreen (like a nice bright
iMac). I still haven't tried it myself:

"adjusting the screen gamma to 1.8 gives good results. then make a screen
(in photoshop or something) with 18% grey. set up your camera facing the
screen flat on, and make the room as dark as you can. if you're using
colour, remember you'll have to use filters to adjust for the monitor's
colour temperature! take a reflected light reading from a couple of inches
away from the grey screen - the first time i did this, i was surprised quite
how much light monitors give out. use this light reading throughout - don't
adjust for individual frames.


the quality you get from all of these methods is surprisingly good - if you
get it right, you'd be hard-pressed to spot the difference between your
results and something from a much more expensive lab service.

hope some of that's of use


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> > Hello Frameworkers!
> >
> > Has anyone attempted this before? I would like to try transferring
> > digital film unto 16mm - DIY style. I am shooting on 16mm, transferring
> > it unto digital in order to edit it and then I would like to get it back
> > onto film.
> The easiest way is to just open up the shutter if you can, to 220 or 240
> degrees. Some cameras will do this, some won't.
> The longer exposure time will reduce the chance of roll bars-- it'll
> capture more of each frame and the intervals. It works well.
> LCD monitors will give better results than a CRT. For projection on a wall,
> the wider shutter method will also work.
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